Join Yodel Pass to Increase Entrance Fee, Pass, & Membership Sales with No Additional Cost.

Yodel Pass is a digital approach for the sale of entrance fees, passes and  memberships that

  • Increases revenue by 10%, or more, without additional cost and without changing your existing system.
  • Sold over 300,000 passes annually with a wide variety of classification types.
  • Eliminates fraud with multiple authentication methods.

Click on these links for a description of the Yodel Pass use and benefits experienced by: Massachusetts State Parks  and  California State Parks.

Pass Purchases with Instant Digital Delivery.

Yodel Pass: Features

Contactless Fraud Proof Visual Validation
Easy to Set Up  With Custom Branding

Yodel Pass: Transfer

Ability to Transfer Passes to Family or Friends.

Yodel Pass: Flexibility

Can Use for All Pass Classifications
  • Entrance Fees and Daily Passes
  • Family Passes
  • Multi-use Passes
  •  Weekly, Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Passes and Memberships
  • Resident / Non-Resident Passes
  • Parking Passes
  • Walk In Passes
  • Special Event Passes
  • Special Privilege Passes (e.g., Seniors)

Yodel Pass: Messaging  

Messaging: Survey, Inform and Remind

  • Survey Patrons about their experience 

  • Inform Patron in realtime during the day of visit 

  • Remind Patrons about upcoming events

Yodel Pass: Digital Application for Verification of Pass Privileges

Yodel Simplifies and Streamlines  Application Process

Yodel Pass: Automation for Comprehensive Parking Solution

Yodel Automation can be used without the need for automatic barrier gates greatly reducing cost and complexity.

By deploying Yodel Automation, vehicles can enter the parking lot without stopping since automated cameras with License Plate Reading (LPR) technology take a photo of the license plates as vehicles enter the park.

Customers pay by plate when they reach the parking lot using their mobile devices.

Yodel Automation Is a Comprehensive Parking Solution

Yodel Suite of Products

Yodel Provides Benefits for Patrons and Staff

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